ROCK CITY CYCLES / ABATE of GA #D5CrewGA Motorcycle Tip of the Day – 6/14/19


Haul out the raingear you’ve stored in a handy spot. Make sure your rain glove and boots fit properly. Poorly fitted ones can lessen your ability to brake and shift.

BE MOST CAUTIOUS WHEN IT FIRST STARTS TO RAIN. That is when water goes into all the dimples in the road, and the oil residue from passing vehicles floats to the top. That gets slippery! A wise motorcyclists will stop for a cup of coffee when it starts to rain; who knows, it could all be over in 15 minutes, and you won’t even have to put on the rainsuit.

After a while the oil will be washed of to the side of the road. However, traction on a wet surface may not e as good as on a dry road. Be careful.

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