ROCK CITY CYCLES / ABATE of GA #D5CrewGA Motorcycle Tip of the Day – 5/18/19

HANDLING SPECIAL SITUATIONS: Riding Across Poor Road Surfaces

Here are a few simple rules your should follow when you anticipate coping with sand, mud, water, gravel, dirt, grass clippings or any loose surface or obstruction in the road:

  • Shift Body Back
  • Shift Body Forward
  • Downshift and slow before you reach the problem area
  • If there is traffic in the area, make sure that the drivers are aware you are slowing
  • Try to cross the bad surface in a straight line, or at least do not change direction or speed abruptly
  • Stay ready to maintain the balance of the motorcycle
  • If you are moving along and have to go over an obstruction that is lying across the road, like a 2×4 piece of wood, rise up on the footpegs and shift your weight toward the back of the saddle as your front wheel comes up the obstacle. This will make it easier for the front wheel to bounce up and over. Then move your weight forward to help your rear wheel get over
  • Do not accelerate until your bike is completely over the obstacle

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