ROCK CITY CYCLES / ABATE of GA #D5Crew Motorcycle Tip of the Day – 2/11/19


In the best of all worlds the temperature would always be 78 degrees, the wind would be at our backs, and no emergencies would arise. Since it is a slightly imperfect world we live in, we should be prepared for whatever happens.


1. Apply both brakes to their maximum, just short of locking them up. Practice in an open, good-surfaced place, such as a clean parking lot.

2. Keep the motorcycle upright and traveling in a straight line; and look where you’re going, not where you’ve just been.

3. You don’t want to lock the front brake. If the wheel does chirp, release the brake for a split second, then immediately reapply without locking it up.

4. If your rear wheel locks up, do not release the brake. If your rear wheel locks up, do not release the brake. If your handlebars are straight, you will skid in a straight line, which is all right.

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